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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Assignment 5:

After today's class about Cutting Edge Techniques of making Social Change three techniques that I find particularly compelling or exciting are making a video to get your message across, Creating public disturbance, and the idea of throwing those flyer type things onto the cables so they could hang and people would see them.

I think that what making a video offers that the standard repertoire lacks is that with a video you reach a larger audience, making it easier to get your message across and at the same time engage people in a way that for example protesting might not. With Creating Public Disturbance you would get a lot of attention and it would make people have no choice but be aware of the issue your trying to affect. As for the "hanging flyers" I think that they would create curiosity in people and make them want to figure out what they say and it would kind of take them by surprise and it would be an interesting new idea that would stick in their mind.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Assignment 4:

The technique that I chose to implement on a social change issue was flyering. I picked it because I figured that it would be the easiest and the most effective for the the purpose of the assignment. The issue that I am/was trying to affect was animal cruelty and I chose this issue because my dog was rescued by Connie from a garage where his mother was left in horrible conditions with her 6 puppies and its something that touches my heart because if she hadn't done something then he wouldn't be here with me today. I felt ok while trying to implement my technique, like Alexa's experience some people ignored me or took the paper with out even paying attention to what it was and just threw it away as son as I was out of sight. I'm indifferent as to whether I would do it again, I mean my experience wasn't so horrible that I would never do it again but at the same time I'm sure there are more effective ways of raising consciousness about an issue.

The promises of this are that it's probably easier to reach people, that is if people actually read and take into consideration what is on your flyer and that could lead to people trying to take action and make things happen. Additional actions that would have to take place to make my individual act more efficient in changing society are holding workshops for the public to teach them about what is happening and how they could fix the problem, having people write letters to people in power so some kind of action can be taken. Limitation of flyering are that a lot of the people ignore you and people don't even pay attention to what you're giving them.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Assignment 3:

Today I volunteered at my aunts job at the Independence Care System. While I was there I helped them to call people and inform them that they had doctor appointments and when the access a ride would be there to pick them up. My process of picking to volunteering there was just that I know its a non-profit organization and that by working there I would be effectively helping some one and my time wouldn't be a waste. I didn't really enjoy myself because even though I was doing them a service a lot of the people who I spoke to were kind of nasty and one guy even yelled at me for no reason at all. I probably would do something like that again next time I just will ask not to be put on the phone.

The promises of volunteering are that your helping someone and they know that your doing it for good reasons and not to get something out of it since there really are no major benefits of volunteering. The limitations of volunteering are that a lot of the times if you don't go to a non profit place, where ever you do volunteer their going to profit off of your free working. As far as social change goes I'm not to sure that it would be a successful way of making social change, I don't really see how it could make something happen. I was thinking about the whole Philanthropy goes I think that if people would use their resources to back things that were really beneficial to our society then there could be a change made but that goes with the whole idea of only being able to create change if you have power. It reminds me of what Andy was saying in class about that woman who was run over by the bull dozer and how because some of the people who gave money to the theater said they would pull out if they showed the play, and of course the theater didn't allow the play to be shown. It's like no one cares about people all that matters is money and I know that our society runs on money and big cooperation's and all that but what about the people? And why is it that we as a people don't feel or at least don't stand up for ourselves and our peers and work together to make a change. Couldn't, if everyone who was trying to make all these social changes worked together to make one change at a time, make more of a difference than a million different people trying to make a million different changes. And I know that its unrealistic but its just a thought.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


For my Volunteering assignment I've decided to go to work with my aunt at independence Care System on 20th and Park Ave. It's a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities to live independently.

Assignment 2:

I was thinking that a change that I could make to myself that would be a change that I want to see in the world would be to be more tolerant of people by not go being so easily annoyed and not judging others. The reason why I picked this as my change is because I was observing people and it came to my attention how people have no tolerance for one another and how judgmental our society is and I was thinking that if people tried not to be that way then maybe it could fix a lot of things in our society. I think its a good choice because I don't think its that hard and it could be something that can rub off on the people around me.

I think this the technique of being the change we wish to see in the world is good its probably has more of an effect on people then just random acts of kindness, because when people see you actually taking the time to make theses changes in your own life it probably inspires them and lets them see that your not just preaching to them but your taking it upon yourself to do it to. I think that the promises of this are that even if you don't change the world you are working to change yourself and that can and probably rub off to people close to you. the Limitations are just that, you probably aren't going to reach everyone and you might not even have an impact on anyone at all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Assignment 1:

For my first random act of kindness I helped an elderly women from my building bring her groceries to her apartment. It made me feel really good to know that I had helped her and made her day just a little bit easier even if it were just for 5 minutes. I also noticed that it made her feel really good, she seems very relieved to have help. I found my experience helping the woman very enjoy able and it made me think about my grandmother and how happy it would make me to know someone helped her. My second act of Kindness was to cook dinner for my family, my mom called to tell us that she would be coming home late and I took it upon myself to cook for everyone before she got home so that she wouldn't have to worry about cooking. It made me feel good to know that I was doing something that would cause my mom to have less work to do when she got home and cause less stress. My mom was really happy when she came home and saw diner on the table, I found it to be a very enjoyable experience, I helped out my mom and at the same time made a contribution to my family.

I think that the promises of committing such acts as a method of creating social change are that you know that even if its on a small level your creating some kind of change in someone's life and maybe if you do something to make one persons life a little bit nicer or easier then maybe they will do the same for someone else. At the same time that can also be considered a limitation because you have no guarantee that just because you're doing something nice for one person doesn't mean that its going to effect them in anyways and they may not want to try to commit these acts in return.